Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion” G.W.F. Heigel

Everyone should have a passion in life and mine is photography. I dream of leaving a "legacy" for my children. I love to write but I am no poet, yet I express myself through pictures and one day when I'm no longer able to hold a camera in my hands, my children can look back and say..."my mom did that."

Its hard to classify me as a specific photographer. I believe in diversity and not just in a specialty. I'm luck to have some amazing "assistant" my son, Jeremy who is following in my footsteps so when I can't, he can.

My father was a big inspiration to me…always taking pictures when I was a child and I fell in love with it.

Whenever I can I will still use film!

I currently live in Western KY but I do travel to Southern IN as well as parts of IL, TN & MO. Also depending on the work I have been known to go to other states as well. Just let me know what you need and we can see what we can come up with!

Specialty Items

Sports Items

Game Day Tickets: 3.00
Magazine Covers: 8.00
Memory Mates: 8.00
Sports Wallets: 4.50
12 Trader Cards: 18.00
Fun packs: 7.50
Photo Magnets: 3.00
Photo Buttons: 5.00
10 tickets: 14.00
Basketball Hoop (backboard): 35.00
Proof books

5 pages 35.00 (additional pages can be added for an additional fee)

Printed Books      
Printed books start at 110.00 for 5 X 7 for 20 sides (additional price for foil stamping on leather cover 25.00)

Flush Mounted Books

Flush mounted books (complete imagery no cuts in photos) start at 250.00 for 6 X 6 for 20 sides (additional price for different covers and sizes)

Accordion mini books

2 3/8 X 3 3/8 wallet size start at 45.00 (additional sizes available)

Soft Cover Books

7X5 12 pages- 20 pages: 35.00
9X6 12 pages- 20 pages: 45.00

Standard Cover Books

8X8 or 11X8 1/2 20/80 pages: 50.00

Custom Cover Press Books

5X5 20/80: 75.00
5X720/80: 75.00
7X5 20/80: 75.00
8X8 20/80: 75.00
8X11 20/80: 80.00

Business Cards
240 Gloss: 50.00 (one sided)
240 Linen: 55.00 (one sided)

240 Gloss: 65.00 (two sided)
240 Linen: 70.00 (two sided)

Additional cards per 100
One-sided: 20.00
Two-sided: 30.00

Metal Wallet Tin for business cards with velvet bag: 15.00


12X18 Spiral Bound: 40.00
11X17 Spiral Bound: 40.00
Spiral Bound Planner 5X5: 20.00
Spiral Bound Planner 8.5X5.5: 25.00
One sided Calendar: 8.00

Representative Cards

2X3.5 Smooth: 35.00
2X3.5 Linen: 35.00
2X3,5 Pearl: 35.00

Miscellaneous Items

Ceramic Photo Mug: 25.00
Stainless Steel Mug: 35.00
Travel Mug: 30.00
Photo Mouse Pad: 22.00
Fabric Puzzle 8X10: 22.00
60 piece jigsaw puzzle: 50.00
Photo Coasters set of 4: 25.00
Photo License Plates:25..00
Porcelain Photo Ornament (single): 18.00
Porcelain Photo Ornament Set of 4: 50.00
Plastic Keychains: 4.50
Gold & Silver Keychain: 30.00
Brass Keychain double sided: 22.00
Magnets: 8.00
Playing Cards: 30.00
Bookmarks 50 start at 75.00
Dogtag: 18.00
Metal name tag: 14.00
Metal Lunch Box with side images: 90.00
Metal Snack Box: 80.00
Metal Mini Briefcase: 80.00
Metal Mini Lunch Box front or top opening: 45.00
Printed DVD: 6.00
Square CD tin: 14.00
5X7 tin: 20.00
8X10 tin: 30.00
Stainless Steel water bottle: 34.00
Glass Cutting Board: 36.00
Apron: 25.00
Baby bib: 25.00

Personalized Purses

Large Shoulder Purse with Additional strap: 115.00
Small Shoulder Bag with Additional strap: 90.00
Simulated Leather Handbag with Additional strap: 145.00
Checkbook Cover: 34.00
Simulated Leather wallet: 60.00
Messenger bag with Additional flap: 138.00
Reporter Bag with Additional flap: 150.00
Tote bag: 30.00


Gallery Wraps start at 175.00 for 5 X 7 and up
Float Wraps start at 100.00 for 5 X 7

Fine Art Velvet
8X10: 90.00
10X13: 115.00
16X20: 180.00
20X24: 200.00

65.00 for 8 X 10 3×4 inch standout

Chose from Lustre, Glossy or Metallic (great for Black and Whites!)

Graduation, Baby Announcements, Save the Date, 
Greeting Cards etc...

Custom made just for you. You pick the picture, you pick the design and colors and the paper you want. Choose from Art Paper, Pearl Paper or Standard Paper.  Premade templates or something unique just for you.  You decide! 

*25 cards with envelopes 60.00.  For every additional 25 cards add $25.00

Custom made Boutique Cards also available with premade templates.

*25 cards with envelopes 75.00. For every additional 25 cards add $40.00

Templates coming soon!

Stone Tiles

4x4 Tumbled Stone: 42.00
6x6 Tumbled Stone: 52.00

Floating Gallery Blocks

Total size:
12X19: 2 8X10 blocks: 200.00
12X23: 2 10X10 blocks: 240.00
23X19: 2 8X10 blocks: 240.00
23X23: 2 10X10 blocks: 290.00
more sizes available

Single Gallery Block 

8X10: 60.00
11X14: 80.00
16X20: 140.00
20X24: 160.00

Photo Crystal Blocks

Apple: 35.00
Big Block: 35.00
Horizontal Incline: 35.00
Vertical Incline: 35.00

Customized T-shirts (Information Pending)

Jewelry (Information Pending)